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Pro Push Up Bar Stand Set - 9"

Pro Push Up Bar Stand Set - 9"

Our push-up bars are the ultimate fitness tool to enhance your push-ups and improve whole body posture, with padded handles and rubberized feet for a safe and effective workout. With a deeper range of motion, target your chest, shoulder, and back muscles, while maximizing your workouts.


**Previous version of push up bars had a turn-style attachment. This new version makes our bars sturdier than ever!


    • Made in Taiwan from durable chrome-plated metal
    • Measuring at 16"x10”x9" with 1.75" grip, easy to assemble with hardware and screwdriver included
    • Slip-resistant foam-covered handles and non-skid, rubberized feet allow the bars to stay in place
    • Lightweight, easy to store and transport
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