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Out of college, Founder and CEO Jody Lernihan knew that a key to becoming — and staying — healthy was the ability to have the fitness tools at your disposal that worked around your schedule. 


JFIT was borne from the idea that working out isn’t confined to the walls of a gym – it’s the five minutes using a stability ball in your office in between meetings, an hour using free weights in your garage, or 30 minutes with exercise bands in your hotel room before you go and explore a new city. 


In the 20 years since its founding, JFIT has grown from a small store in downtown Camas, Washington with her mom, brothers and sisters, children, and husband packing orders in their makeshift warehouse to a 20,000+ft warehouse in the prairies of Montana with a dedicated team who has been with JFIT for a collective 30* years. 


We at JFIT believe your time is valuable, and the convenience of a personal gym can grow with you, your goals, and your home. 


We believe in community, where we give back to schools, charities, and events. 


We believe that the art of fitness starts with you controlling your own routine with your own quality products. 


We believe fitness is a journey, and your personal home gym can start with just a set of free weights or a foam roller. 


We hope you start your journey with JFIT. 



Jody along with her children, trekking to Base Camp Mt Everest to raise funds for a Nepalese school and hospital.

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