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Medicine Ball with Dual Texture

Medicine Ball with Dual Texture



    • REPLACE HAND WEIGHTS WITH OUR MEDICINE BALL: A superior alternative to free weights, these multipurpose weighted medicine balls provide optimal heaviness for resistance to increase endurance, coordination, muscle strength
    • ENDURES THE INTENSITY RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU: Made with durable rubber and a strong construction that will not puncture, the dual grip texture allows for a comfortable secure hold
    • ADD FUN TO YOUR WORKOUT: Incorporate the JFIT medicine ball into your usual squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges, making your routine more challenging and fun
    • FOR ANY STAGE OF YOUR FITNESS AND BODY JOURNEY: Suitable for beginners, athletes, professional lifters, yoga instructors, and everyone in between, our medicine ball helps improve balance, core strength, as well as muscle and posture
    • GREAT FOR REHABILITATION: Our medicine balls for men and women are a great tool for post-injury, easier to use than dumbbells, and offer a wider variety of options and are ideal for stretching and balance
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