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Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Our multi-functional door frame pull-up bar is perfect for developing and toning your arms, back, abs, and shoulders. With the ability to fit doorways up to 40” long, this is the longest length bar available on the market. Maximize your workout by mounting to the bottom of the doorway for sit ups and crunches.


    • Made in Taiwan, this bar fits doorway openings up to 40” long (with included hardware), minimum length measuring 25.25”, holding up to 300lbs
    • Includes a set of safety brackets with screws, and set of sit up plugs, only a screwdriver or drill is required (For safety and stability, screws are required for mounting)
    • Removeable hand grips made with neoprene material and easy to adjust Velcro, allow you to place the grips where they are comfortable for you
    • Move to the bottom of a doorway to maximize your sit-ups, crunches and even triceps dips, making it easy to move locations with extra door mounts available
    • For safety purposes, the bar extrudes from one telescopic point, as tighter threads and toggle ends make sure that bar is safely tight and secure
    • Included end caps for ultimate safety and rubber stoppers for metal doors
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